Forex trading in hyderabad india

Forex trading in hyderabad india

Author: allu Date of post: 18.07.2017

A legislation has been introduced in the US House of Representatives which among other things calls for more than doubling the minimum salary of H1-B visa holders to USD 1,30, making it difficult for firms to use the programme to replace American employees with foreign workers, including from India.

Now IT companies in Hyderabad are fearing worst as thousands of techies who are working in the US on H-1B visas will have to return, The Indian Express report said. Around 4 lakh software engineers work in 1, software firms in Hyderabad, and approximately 20, of them go to the US every year on H-1B visas.

Every year 60, H-1B visas are issued of which approximately 54, visas are to techies. Unfortunately, thousand of them will be forced to return.

As per the Industry captains, out of every techies currently posted in the US, 95 will have to return if the new rule is imposed. I think only critical resources persons and people at the level of vice-president or director would be asked to stay on-site while the rest of the staff who are mostly associate and senior associate level would have to return home.

While about 55 per cent revenue for Indian IT companies comes from the US, companies are already exploring South Africa, Australia, Canada, UK and some European countries for projects.

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H1-B is a non-immigrant visa that allows US companies to employ foreign workers in speciality occupations that require theoretical or technical expertise in specialised fields. The technology companies go for it to hire tens of thousands of employees each year. FE Online New Delhi Published: February 6, 8: Now IT companies in Hyderabad are fearing worst as thousands of stock options mock trading account software who are working in the US on H-1B visas will have to return.

Almost all direct employers paying K to K for IT resources, it's the middle party recruiting that eats their pie for each such level and gets into hiring low wage resources which obviously can find in H1 resources Which drops till the range forex trading in hyderabad india 50K to 70K.

If direct employers can hike their budget for the hiring as per labour laws then only the deserved candidates will find a job, then all these middle parties will get cleaned. Every country needs to have balanced growth across all the sectors, but the job perception here being thrown only on IT list stock intraday trading companies with H1 replacing the American talent.

There are so many other types of visas which were being exploited due to loop s servizio sul forex iene the system. Great News and different this time. Service company lobbying, Collude and nexus will not work this time.

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H1B is NOT profit making machine at expense of cheap labor. Gosh - Look at the packages TOP TOP management take home.

forex trading in hyderabad india

I think you should do fact check before writing such articles, the overhauling of work visa program bill has been submitted to the house by Democrat senator from silicon valley Zoe Lofgren, Donald Trump has NOT issued any executive order on this.

This bill hasn't ped You as responsible journalists should realize that BSE has already lost 33, crores because of these rumors. Who is that god of your's?

Think what is going to happen if it really happens. Thousands unemployment in India. I am sure he is aware of it and I am also sure he will sign it.

This is one of the primary issues he won the election on.

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It is great news! They all look down on India and Indians here when they go to the US. Seems American corporations have already started cancelling their IT contracts to H1B services companies to avoid future losses and hles. Chilkur Balaji will be in serious dilemmas. To give more visas or to bring back those already given? To protect those who are there or stop sending more?

Another doubt --will the Lord lose his sheen as a US visa giver? Only Trump will tell. There is spl temple called " Visa Venkateswsra" in hyderabad.

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He helps people get visas. People fly from Bangalore n many other places to visit this temples. The scam exploiting both law and human resources will be busted.

These so called IT firms who employ people on H1b shouldn't be allowed to use H1b. They are taking away work visa from students who come to study here and leaves them scared and worried for their future. These outsourcing firms are exploiting Indian workers and flawed visa system.

At least hereafter Indian software collies will become software Engineers. Check the facts first before spreading fear. Introducing a bill is very common thing here. US corporations have already started to cancel IT contracts to H1B services company to avoid future losses and hles. I am not sure why indian media writes all these articles without researching. Bill is only a draft but not agreed. Even that come into affect it is going to help software engineers. International Yoga Day The Express Group The Indian Express The Financial Express Loksatta Jansatta inUth Ramnath Goenka Awards.

forex trading in hyderabad india

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