5 rocket stocks to buy

5 rocket stocks to buy

Author: Wellwalker Date of post: 23.05.2017

It may be Halloween, but what most investors don't realize is that they've really been playing "trick or treat" with Mr. Market all year long. By that, I mean that the price action in U. The thing is, while those trick-or-treat returns are a pretty stark contrast, you can dramatically improve your chances of "ringing the right doorbell," so to speak, when it comes to the stocks you own.

5 Rocket Stocks to Buy Before the Fed's Rate Hike - TheStreet

To hone in on stocks that are predisposed to outperform in the final stretch of , we're taking a look at a fresh set of "Rocket Stocks" worth buying for gains this week. In case you're not familiar, Rocket Stocks are our list of companies with short-term gain catalysts and longer-term growth potential. To find them, I run a weekly quantitative screen that seeks out stocks with a combination of analyst upgrades and positive earnings surprises to identify rising analyst expectations, a bullish signal for stocks in any market.

After all, where analysts' expectations are increasing, institutional cash often follows. It's been a challenging year for Coke. While this stock hasn't been a horrible performer in , it hasn't been a good one either. But that could be about to change. Put simply, Coke could be ready to make up for lost time in the final stretch of Coca-Cola is the biggest beverage company in the world, with a stable of valuable drink brands that includes Sprite, Dasani, Fanta and Powerade in addition to the hugely valuable Coke brand.

In total, consumers worldwide consume more than 1. While the firm's distribution infrastructure is a huge plus that gives the firm very low costs per unit, Coke is changing its strategy in a big way over the next few quarters. Coke is working to unload much of its North American distribution and manufacturing infrastructure by the end of next year, selling off many of the assets it acquired following an asset swap with bottler Coca-Cola Enterprises back in The shift in Coca-Cola's North American distribution strategy should lead to bigger margins and more nimble operations, and it should also unlock some value for shareholders once the sale is complete.

KO is caught between opposing short-term trends. We're in the summer soup now. So why not refresh by sipping the newest offerings from beverage companies?

This article is commentary by an independent contributor. Coca-Cola, Kroger, More - TheStreet","isLastPage": So, without further ado, here's a look at this week's Rocket Stocks. Coca-Cola, Kroger, More - Pg. The firm's Antares launch system made its most recent flight on Oct.

But while the space business internally called the flight systems group may be Orbital ATK's most exciting business, it's not the biggest. The space systems group also manufactures satellites and the spacecraft used by the company's flight systems group. That diversification makes Orbital much less of a nail-biter than its non-public commercial space competitors, while remaining more of a pure play than massive aerospace firms like Boeing BA and Lockheed Martin LMT.

While SpaceX has been captivating investors, it's not publicly traded -- and it's unlikely to IPO any time soon based on comments from Musk. At the same time, there's not likely to be just one winner in the commercial space race. NASA has said in the past that it prefers having two vendors with completely different platforms from a redundancy standpoint. Orbital has a long-term track record, a diversified income statement, and it's been consistently profitable, facts that make Orbital an attractive way to take advantage of the growth in the commercial space industry.

With rising analyst sentiment in shares of Orbital ATK this week, we're betting on this literal Rocket Stock. But while that price performance has been scary leading into Halloween, it's a little early to count Kroger out in the final stretch of Kroger operates one of the best-run grocery chains in the country, with more than 2, supermarkets in 31 states operating under the Kroger, Harris Teeter and Fry's marquees, among a handful of others.

In an industry where margins are paper-thin, Kroger has been a leader in finding ways to keep a bigger piece of every revenue dollar. Kroger isn't just a grocery chain. It also owns convenience stores and jewelry stores, adding higher-margin retail businesses to the sales mix. This stock could make up for lost time as the calendar flips to November.

That momentum isn't showing any signs of slowing as we round the corner to November. Akamai hit new week highs on Friday. Akamai is the largest stand-alone provider of content delivery network, or CDN, services.

The firm's internet services help to speed up users' internet performance for e-commerce and media websites.

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Put simply, Akamai gets paid to make sure that more than 1, global networks are actually usable when put under load. Rapidly increasing bandwidth usage and data demand make Akamai's products all the more important today. As more firms push to outsource their server needs to third parties, a major CDN provider like Akamai is increasingly important. Competitors have been paying attention to the big tailwinds in the CDN space, prompting major tech firms like Amazon AMZN to offer up their own in-house CDN capabilities to other companies.

5 rocket stocks to buy

While that shift could pressure margins, Akamai's huge network scale means that it can provide services more cheaply even than those larger tech-industry challengers, making it a potential acquisition target down the road. With rising analyst sentiment in Akamai this week, we're betting on shares. Walgreens is one of the biggest drugstore chains on the planet, with 12, global store locations in 11 countries.

The firm's brands include Walgreens, Duane Reade, Boots and Alliance Healthcare, among others. Walgreens also owns a substantial wholesale pharmacy distribution business, with more than distribution centers that reach more than , health care facilities in 19 countries. Size matters for drugstores, and the combination with Alliance Boots at the end of dramatically shifted Walgreens' exposure to ex-U.

With regulatory pressure shifting the prescription pharmacy business toward the model seen in Europe, Walgreens' shift abroad is a smart way to offset margin loss with scale growth.

That's especially true in the West, where aging populations are boosting demand for pharmaceuticals. Here at home, the growth of in-store health clinics is an attractive way to boost margins without stepping outside the big health care drivers that typically send customers into drugstores.

While the ongoing merger proposal with Rite Aid RAD continues to work its way through regulatory approval, the uncertainty weighs more on Rite Aid than on Walgreens.

Long term, Walgreens' share price has been contracting in a tightening price range -- a volatility squeeze could set shares re-testing week highs in short order. Wells Fargo, Apple, More","url": Action Alerts PLUS is a registered trademark of TheStreet, Inc. You are using an outdated browser.

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5 rocket stocks to buy

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5 rocket stocks to buy

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